Sushma Chandigarh Grande

The Ideal Housing Complex

For those looking for houses to settle down in the sector of property in Zirakpur that have high exquisite taste in construction and amenities, the search begins and ends with Sushma Grande. The location, construction and amenities of the complex ensure that “Grande” is not just in the name; it is embedded in every inch of the area and then some. Here are a few of the features of this amazing residential complex that are sure to take your breath away.

Excellent Location

The location of the buildings of flats in Zirakpur has been carefully selected to be right on the Chandigarh-Ambala National Highway. This has been done keeping in mind that the majority of people living in the apartment will probably have to visit Chandigarh for work every day. With the road transport optimized to minimize time spent driving, you do not have to worry about living away from the heart of the big city.

This is an ideal location for property in Zirakpur because it is not far from the city while being slightly off on the road. Being outside of the actual city ensures that you get none of the air, water and noise pollution the city has, while getting access to all the worldly goods the city has to offer by means of the handy road way. The roads also connect you to New Delhi, Shimla and Patiala, the three other major cities in the neighbourhood.

Construction And Architecture

The floors, doors and other fixed furnishings of the 3BHK, 4BHK flats are all exquisite glazed wood. This gives the apartment a posh and elite look that few other things can counter. The bedrooms are all equipped with high end wardrobes to store clothes in, along with a wooden study table.

The kitchens are modular and make use of ultra-modern kitchen design complete with walls of ceramic tiles, a granite counter slab for your cooking work, and an excellent array of kitchen cabinets designed especially to ensure that all your utensils and kitchen crockery and cutlery remain within arm’s reach while you are working. The bathrooms are fully equipped with tiles all over that have the anti-skid technology to ensure elderly people and kids do not accidentally slip and fall while using the toilet.

Every apartment of the complex property in Zirakpurhas an attached spacious terrace-style balcony that is furnished with anti-skid flooring, painted with weather proof coating to ensure that you do not require repainting every year on account of depreciation, and are designed to ensure that individual balconies do not face each other. This gives dwellers the privacy and free hold that they require while residing in the apartment complex.


Like all other Sushma construction works for flats in Zirakpur, the Grande has an inbuilt club that is professionally maintained with all world-class amenities that residents of the 3BHK flats, 4BHK flats can avail free of charge. There is a world-class gym, a swimming pool, a snooker/pool table, an amphitheatre and a massive multipurpose hall all at the resident’s disposal. This makes sure that the complex is an all-in-one utility with every feature of a world class residential apartment.

Upcoming developments in the area

Zirakpur is a fast developing residential area with plenty of housing projects popping up every now. The Sushma Grande, while being undoubtedly one of the best, has come to the scene early and is hence one of the most cost-effective and shrewd investments at the current time. This is because a lot of secondary and tertiary businesses are opening up in the area because of the high density of residential apartments. These include shopping malls, restaurants of all cuisines such as KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and so on, as well as hospitals and prospective plans of schools. Some of the top hotels in the area have opened up in Zirakpur that contain spas and other luxury features which residents of the 3BHK flats, 4BHK flats in the Grande can readily avail. Furthermore, the public transport situation to and from Zirakpur will expand firmly as the demand for transport to Chandigarh increases with an increase in residents.

Once these developments come to be, the prices for flats in Zirakpur will skyrocket/ Hence, it is an excellent investment option to book a house in Zirakpur immediately!

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