Escon Arena Zirakpur

A latest development in the property in Zirakpur is the all new ESCON Arena based in Zirakpur in Chandigarh. The complex fulfils all standards of excellence, be it in location, quality of housing, available peripheral amenities, technology of construction and design and even the aesthetics. An apartment in this reasonably priced housing gem is exactly what you need and what your family deserves to live in. Here are a few of the features that set the complex aside from other similar projects.


Located just a few minutes of drive from the Chandigarh domestic and international airports and the Chandigarh railway station, the ESCON complex 2+1BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats in Zirakpur is strategically placed at a location that allows for maximum connectivity to all possible modes of transport. The arena is connected closely by four major national highways which make even road travel a lot less stressful if you live there.

Apart from transport, the arena is at a walking distance from all the services that living there might cause one to require. The property in Zirakpur is a few minutes of walk from the supermarket Metro Cash and Carry, another couple of minutes from restaurants such as KFC and McDonalds, as well as to the Cosmo Plaza Mall, Banks, multiple hotels and restaurants, hospitals etc. Even the Chattbir zoological park is a few minutes of driving away, in case your children want a Sunday out to enjoy with family and friends.


The flats in Zirakpur are filled with beautiful greenery on all four corners of the buildings. For those concerned with health, there are jogging tracks carved within these professionally maintained aesthetic gardens. Apart from jogging, there is a children’s park for you to take your toddlers out in the evening to give them some air and play. The children’s park is carefully placed away from all main roads and traffic to ensure safety of the kids.

Coming to the inside of the buildings, there are lifts to every floor which is especially useful to any elderlies living there, with an extra lift in each block in case one stops working. The area has been equipped with an uninterrupted power and water supply to ensure that you do not run out of these primary facilities, no matter what the situation. A few other important amenities available by residents are the ambulance service ready round the clock to suit your emergency needs and the day care service for children provided by the local club for working parents.

The Flats

Delving further into the arena to the very 2+1BHK/3BHK/4BHK flats in Zirakpur you will be living in, the first thing you will notice is the copious amounts of air and sunlight the apartments receive because of their innovative design and construction. The entryways are classy and eye catching, with unbridled amounts of wooden furniture installed throughout the apartment to give it a posh outlook. The design of the apartments is such that the windows and the large terrace-style balconies of the apartments do not face each other, so as to give residents the privacy they seek.

Affordable Prices

Prices of the flats are set at their lowest while the possession is still in early stages. For the kind of services you get, the 2+1BHK Apartments, priced at less than forty lakh, the 3BHK Apartments less than fifty lakh and the 4BHK apartments less than seventy lakh is very affordable given the market rate of real estate at the present time. However, prices are bound go to up as time progresses and as the majority of flats get booked.

The builders also offer to customize individual apartments according to the wishes of residents once the possession has been dealt with at extra charges. If you would like all customization to your apartment done before you move in that can be seen to. Also, for those requiring housing loans and advice with EMI, the builders of the ESCON arena have ties with major financing companies offering to estimate your loan eligibility and maximise the amount of outside aid you can manage. This makes the apartment more financially accessible for you and allows you to buy yourself property in Zirakpur early in your life and career.

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